At SMK Seri Tualang, we believe that all education involves the teaching of language and that all teachers are language teachers. Language is an essential element of self-expression and provides us with the means to communicate ideas and to process the world around us. The acquisition of language is an active process taught through authentic experiences with the goal of developing listening, speaking, reading, writing, presenting, and viewing skills through a culture of inquiry.

We believe it is important to acknowledge each child’s cultural identity and background, to provide opportunities for students to maintain or obtain language skills, and to help students create a foundation of learning upon which to expand their language abilities in the future.

SMK Seri Tualang’s language philosophy and policy align with both its mission and international-mindedness statements. The school applies its language policy with flexibility and empathy.


SMK Seri Tualang is a multi-racial community. Although Bahasa Melayu is the predominant language of communication of most of SMK Seri Tualang families, we also have a few students speaking Tamil at home in our community. 



1. Language of Instruction

Bahasa Melayu is the first language of instruction at SMK Seri Tualang. As a secondary school in Pahang, Malaysia, we implement the Malaysia National Curriculum (MNC) where Bahasa Melayu is the medium of instruction for form 1 until form 5. 


2. Language  Acquisition

English, French and Arabic are offered as the Language Acquisition options for students. English is the second language of the students and is compulsory at SMK Seri Tualang. 

However, students are allowed to choose either French or Arabic as a third language. The goal is that all students are able to participate in the IB Middle Year programme.

3. Mother Tongue

When possible, opportunities are given for students to develop their mother tongues in the course of their learning. The school practices an open-minded, flexible approach to students using their mother tongue in cooperative activities, research, internationally-minded activities, and multi-cultural celebrations. This applies in class as well as school-wide. 

The second dominant mother tongue language of SMK Seri Tualang is Tamil. However, Tamil language is outside of the MYPIB Year Programme promoted subject because the teacher, class and subject allocated is under District Office supervision. Students have the opportunity to learn Tamil every Friday for two hours and resources are available at the library. Our school also supports students participating in Tamil co-curricular activities at all levels of competitions.  


At SMK Seri Tualang Malay and English Language are compulsory subjects. All students have to be assessed in both languages as their first and second language.

Students choosing either Arabic or French as an optional third language will also be assessed.  


SMK Seri Tualang is a secondary school in Pahang, Malaysia. All students enrolled at SMK Seri Tualang are automatically part of the MYP Programme.


The school language policy is informed to parents through seminar, PTA meetings and school magazine. All communication with parents will be conducted in Bahasa Melayu. 


SMK Seri Tualang students have access to language resources at the school library and “Access Centre”


The language policy is used by all teachers in the school to inform and guide their practice and to meet the needs of students. The policy will be reviewed at least every five years to ensure it continually reflects the beliefs, practices and language profile of the school community.

*Last Updated On 7 June 2016